Rebellion Rises Available Now!

Ziggy Marley wants you to pick up his latest album, Rebellion Rises, available now at Vintage Stock & Movie Trading Company!

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Coming soon to Kerrville

Date: Tuesday, October 25 2016

A couple of articles about one of our upcoming locations, taking over the closed Hastings building in Kerrville, TX:

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Entertainment has evolved over the years

Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Vintage Stock has evolved right along with it. President & CEO Rodney Sprigss in Missouri Life magazine's Oct/Nov 2016 issue:

“As technology evolved, we just evolved,“ Rodney says. “It went from records to cassettes to CDs.“ Video evolved from VHS and Beta to DVD and Blu-ray. Primitive Atari and Nintendo games gave way to more elaborate Xbox and Playstation systems.

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Video stores still going strong into 2014

Date: Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Blockbuster's demise doesn't mean the death of the local video store. Our own Jason Clapper was interviewed by the Dallas Morning News:

“We’re actually thriving,” said Jason Clapper, operations manager for the Movie Trading Co. in Texas. “We have 14 stores in Dallas-Fort Worth. We just opened one in Denton, and we opened one in Southlake the month before that. And we’re looking hard at going into Austin in a couple of months.”

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New Stores in Texas!

Vintage Stock & Movie Trading Company is proud to announce the opening of two new stores in Texas. Our store in Southlake, TX opened on 9/28/13, and our newest superstore in Denton, TX, opened on 10/18! Stop by either of the new Movie Trading Company locations and say Hi!

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Best Comic Book Store in KC!

Thanks to the readers of The Pitch in Kansas City, MO, who have voted Vintage Stock as the Best Comic Book Store in Kansas City for 2013!

Lords of Salem Available Now!

Rob Zombie wants you to pick up his latest film, Lords of Salem, available now at Vintage Stock & Movie Trading Company!

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Toy Drive for Tornado Relief!

Our locations in Oklahoma City, OK, & Midwest City, OK, collected donations for the people affected by the tornado in Moore, OK.

On Saturday, May 25, 2013, your favorite costumed characters, courtesy of JediOKC, helped gather donations of toys and other needed items for the children of Moore, OK in their time of need.

In just under 3 weeks we have assembled enough donations to take 7 pick up truck loads of toys to donation centers and churches in the Moore area. We have had toy donations ranging from beanie babies to back packs to bicycles.

We have received toy donations through the mail from as far away as Ohio, Virginia, and Oregon. Many of our donations came from children, who were either donating their own toys, or in one instance, had raised money through a weekend lemonade stand to buy new toys for the children in need.

We are very grateful for the overwhelming response from our community to this toy drive. We are sure they are bringing comfort to some little ones who have lost everything.

Check out some photos from the event.

Come & check it out!

Stop by and shop our newly remodeled store in Broken Arrow, OK!

Free Comic Book Day 2013!

Saturday, May 4, 2013, participating locations gave away lots of FREE comic books! Some of our stores had special guests, both comic creators and cosplayers! Check out some pictures from the event.

Also, all back issue comics and pre-owned graphic novels will be Buy 1, Get 1 Free!

For more info about FCBD, visit

From the comic page to the silver screen!

Date: Thursday, July 19, 2012

One of our store managers, Chuck Welch, as interviewed by his local newspaper, the Tulsa World, regarding the superhero movie phenomenon.

How did "The Avengers" compare to your expectations?

Chuck Welch: It really exceeded expectations, because this is just the second movie that I've seen four times in theaters (the first: "The Empire Strikes Back"). This was my "Titanic." For me, it's like a great video game, because it has great replay value. A great story and great action, and they found enough time for each character to shine.

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One Closed Borders is Another Retailer's New Location

Nearly five years before Borders announced it was closing, Rodney Spriggs already had his eye on several Borders locations.

Rodney Spriggs: We were interested in the spaces if something were to ever happened to Borders.

Spriggs is CEO of the retail chain V-Stock, which sells new and used books video games and DVDs. This fall, when Borders went under, V-Stock snapped up three of its former locations in St. Louis.

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Check out our newest commercials

Vintage Stock is airing two new commercials for 2012, in the Topeka, KS, and St. Louis, MO, areas. You can watch both of our latest ads online.